January 26, 2012

Wanted: New Job!

Suddenly, I have this desire to work abroad. Reasons? Financial needs, I'm getting tired and bored of my work, the corruption in the Philippines is getting on my nerves (char) and, oh well, I want to see the other side of the world and capture them in a small frame of my soon-to-have DSLR camera (wishful thinking). It's vanity, I know, but I envy those pictures of my FB friends that are working abroad.

So, after 48 years, I updated my JobStreet account. And my lovingly Lina took her time to send me these guidelines:

  • Before applying for a job, read the job description and company profile carefully. Apply only if the job interests you, and matches your abilities and work location preferences. -didn't read the whole thing. But I did apply to those jobs that I believe I can do, even those that say "Male Only" (I can also do what men can, kala nila!) and those that say "23 and up" (I'll be 23 soon when I get there.lol)

  • Update your resume, especially your contact information. Updated and informative resumes help employers to understand your suitability for the job. -The best way for them to reach me is through FB. =)

  • Answer any application question with care. This creates a good impression and demonstrates genuine interest in the position. -"How do you handle even the most stressful situations?" (Live, love, laugh. Dah!)

  • Always be professional and courteous with employers!

  • I didn't count the jobs that I've applied to, and didn't think that I'll get a response from any of those. But still, if an opportunity comes, I'll grab it.

    January 25, 2012

    Claude's Le Cafe De Ville

    It's our second payday for 2012 and my officemates Trishia, Quiel, Mama Bibi, Bhem and I went to Claude de Ville Cafe at Habana Compound, on Rizal St., Davao City., beside the Manila Bulletin Building. We were so intrigued with the Spanish-style resto, which used to be an old house, with a spice of French and Mediterranean cuisines. The ambiance is so Spanish, the music is also old-style and the servers give you a feeling that you're a guest of Jose Rizal (lol).

    The food are darn expensive (for me), but it's all worth it. The serving is for a large appetite and saved myself my dinner. It's worth five stars. Check these photos out!

    Wanna impress your girl on a date this Feb? This is a good place to go!

    Seafood Spaghetti - P325
    Pasta A La Moro - P285
    Roasted Chicken Forestier - P340
    Pasta Carbonara - P265

    bread topping something, sort of a side dish, tastes like that in a taco's 

    Parmesan cheese
    nicely-styled butter

    a cozy ambiance - a perfect fine dining place for serious matters (pang-Rizal na mga conference)

    The place is perfect for intimate dates, meetings and other social functions. This one calls for a casual attire (never mind ours...hehe). Like the resto's page by clicking here!


    January 13, 2012


    I feel so bad and I don't even know why.

    Sometimes, I wanna go back to the day when I still hesitate to voice out my opinion, to think twice in showing my feelings, to be afraid to show who I really am...because it turned out that my true self is someone that I don't wanna be.

    I'm frightened of what I'm turning out to be...
    ...of knowing who and what I really am...

    I am an angel on the outside (as what most people think)...
    but I am a monster on the inside.

    I'm slowly driving people away...even those people I care the most.

    I'm a jerk, an emo, a weirdo and I am bad.

    January 12, 2012


    It's our first payday for 2012, so just how we always celebrate it, bitches I, Quiel and Trishia went to another food trip. We ate at Chikaan in Abreeza. Funny how our attendant did his spiel after getting our orders, "Ma'am, Sir, my name is Mario and I'm your skemeyki....forgot the rest...coz it 's so awkward for us....=p...
    How's the food? Well, quite affordable but didn't stand out...but we're full kay unli-rice!

    Chika-an is a famous Cebu-based restaurant that has been serving Filipino dishes to Cebuanos for many years now.

    Chika-an is on the first floor of Abreeza-Ayala Mall in Bajada, Davao City. Click here to like its FB page.


    January 11, 2012

    Just for Blogs!

    Because we're getting addicted with blogger, my friend Aze and I went to Seagullid (no entrance fee!) just so we can take pictures for our blogs and also to free our minds from the busyness of the city (char).

    And here are just some of the photos I took using my Canon digicam (with photo enhancements courtesy of Picnik!)

    Here's the playful us!

    For more photos, click here!


    January 04, 2012

    Lights, Camera, Mana!

    Still not too late for a bit of Mana-Christmas experience!

    I've been passing by this great view to and from the office since Mana again started its annual Christmas spectacle but I never had a chance to really enjoy it until we had VTO. And by impulse, my teammates and I decided to grab our I guess only chance to enjoy the Christmas night away from the office.

    Approximately 10ft tall Christmas trees, adorned with thousand gleaming lights, covered the front of Mana-Davao.
    Still with my Concentrix shirt on, here are our childlike faces obviously enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime freedom!
    Me and Baby Gurl Maan with Minnie Mouse (gf of maximouse.harhar)

    Qym-drawn carriage! =p (with Maan and Ron)
    from left: Ranji, Me, Qym, Ron, Maan

    Donald the gay duck and Doraemon 10 years from now.

    Santa's elf to complete the Christmas mood.

    Sadaku ug Sagamay
    Click here to view the entire album on Facebook.
    Everyday's a merry day! =)