April 13, 2011

I miss you...


This is so embarrassing, yeah.

I miss seeing your name right there on the chatbox. Though we don't chat that often but seeing you're online is enough, knowing that you're just there.

I miss chatting with you. It's fun. It just completes my day.

I miss your manly voice. I miss hearing you talk, though we only had a chance to talk once. I'm always looking forward for another phone call with you, though I'm not sure if that's gonna happen again.

I miss you...maybe because I like your humor, I like talking to you, I like you.

I may be falling for you...but I won't allow it until I'm sure that you'll be there to catch me.

I just know that life would be fun with you.

Hope we can finally see each other...

And I just hope you won't read my blog again.=/