February 13, 2012


Cge na, I'll write my own Valentine piece, just like the rest of my fave bloggers. Para uso.

I haven't really given Valentine's Day a thought. Of course, mag-unsa pa man diay ang single? Hehe. I mean, I consider Feb14 just a normal Tuesday, with nothing to look forward to. That's because I'm single (paulit-ulit?). I am single, by choice and by chance; and though I daydream a lot (especially now that crush is just around the corner), I am not in a hurry to really go into another relationship. The thought of having a new one has crossed my mind from time to time, it's just that I haven't really found the one. Though I don't have the right to be choosy, sa Bisaya pa kay dli ko tantong gwapa (hehe), I don't give in that easily. I don't have a lot of suitors, I don't flirt, I don't reply to those FB and text messages (ah, murag gwapa), plus the fact that I don't see any spark with these humans at all, are just some of the factors that greatly affect my stable relationship status.

My Valentine days have always been uneventful. I haven't gone to a real Valentine date. As far as I can recall, these were the people that I was with February of last year: 

Quiel, Trishia and Mama Bibi - my pirated family.

In 2010, here was my date: 

Revon - boardmate, wavemate, Lapulapu-mate, taxi-mate, painting-mate, absolutely BFF in Cebu. =)

In 2008, I wanna say it's with them:
Aze, Kim, Sarah and Jana - What friends are five!

Ambak dayon sa 2004, hehe. Here she is:

Anjing - BFF from h.s. and counting. =)

See? I don't have any real Valentine dates. That was maybe because I was hidden with the bestest friends that I hold most dear each time Cupid flies to strike his arrow.

*Note: Dli lang unta mangluod ang uban diha. I love all my friends. It's just that these people here have paid me big time to broadcast their names. =p

To my best friends, what can I say. Happy Valentines Day na lang. =)