July 20, 2011

A Date To Remember ♥

2:10 AM 7/20/2011

There's a smile plastered on my face while I am writing this. Guess what, I just had the best date of my life. Yeah, I'm with him again. It's our second date (if he ever considers it one). This time, it's his treat. We ate kwek2x and balut and talked about anything. Well, he talked about anything. I haven't thought that I would be able to have a ride with him in his motorcycle. I found it real sweet when he went home and return just to get a helmet for me (though riding the jeepney wouldn't be a problem for me). We rode all night, talked all night, and ate all night.

I've always imagined how we would spend that night together (such a daydreamer), and I've never expected that it would be more special than that.

Seeing those eyes twinkle each time he talks made my heart swoon. While watching those lips move, I imagine how wonderful it would feel to kiss him. Placing my hand on his shoulder while we're riding the motorcycle makes me wanna wrap my arms around him.

I remembered when  he asked me if there's something that I wanna tell him, any secret that I would wanna share. I just looked at him, said nothing, and smiled. My mind's shouting "If you only knew". I wanna tell him that I have this special feeling for him that keeps growing each day. I wanna tell him that I've been longing to look at those eyes, and that when I finally saw them again it felt like magic. I wanna tell him that spending time with him would be the best times of my life. I wanna tell him that I can listen to all his Caguioa talks all night and will never get bored. I wanna tell him lots of things. I wanna tell him that he's my secret...and that I am hoping and waiting for that time that he will not make it as my secret forever.

I'm looking forward to spend time with him again. Are we dating? I don't even know the answer to that. I just wanna savor the moment while it's there. Come what may. And I guess I'm gonna end this again with "I dunno".

July 13, 2011

Commitments. Promises. Choices.

If you love someone, ask them for nothing. Don't hold them back. Don't keep them from their destiny. Don't stop them from going off in search of their own answers. Don't ask them for commitment. You will know commitment is real when it is something given willingly, and not as something obligatory. Don't ask them for promises. If you are patient, if you have faith, you will know in your heart when the right time for promises has come.

And when that time arrives, then you will see that you have both lost nothing by setting each other free, and have instead gained a richer, fuller life, a wealth of experiences, and a stronger certainty of your desires.

But should they not return to you, then life hasn't cheated you because no promises were broken. Your bitterness will not last long, and you will feel thankful and blessed that at the very least, this beautiful soul has colored your life, that knowing them has already made life infinitely more meaningful.

By setting a person free, you run a risk of them not returning. But always remember that you found them beautiful precisely because they were free. People are like sunlight. You can feel their warmth, and their glow, but you can never hold them in your hand and keep them with you forever. People CHOOSE to stay. But a choice is made more meaningful when it is made despite so many other options. Love has no restrictions and it is through mistakes that sometimes we see the right answer. Because if you love someone, you ask them for nothing and they will come back to you.

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-source: Cha