January 26, 2012

Wanted: New Job!

Suddenly, I have this desire to work abroad. Reasons? Financial needs, I'm getting tired and bored of my work, the corruption in the Philippines is getting on my nerves (char) and, oh well, I want to see the other side of the world and capture them in a small frame of my soon-to-have DSLR camera (wishful thinking). It's vanity, I know, but I envy those pictures of my FB friends that are working abroad.

So, after 48 years, I updated my JobStreet account. And my lovingly Lina took her time to send me these guidelines:

  • Before applying for a job, read the job description and company profile carefully. Apply only if the job interests you, and matches your abilities and work location preferences. -didn't read the whole thing. But I did apply to those jobs that I believe I can do, even those that say "Male Only" (I can also do what men can, kala nila!) and those that say "23 and up" (I'll be 23 soon when I get there.lol)

  • Update your resume, especially your contact information. Updated and informative resumes help employers to understand your suitability for the job. -The best way for them to reach me is through FB. =)

  • Answer any application question with care. This creates a good impression and demonstrates genuine interest in the position. -"How do you handle even the most stressful situations?" (Live, love, laugh. Dah!)

  • Always be professional and courteous with employers!

  • I didn't count the jobs that I've applied to, and didn't think that I'll get a response from any of those. But still, if an opportunity comes, I'll grab it.


    1. Hi aims.. =) Join my first giveaway.. =)


    2. Sometimes, I wanna work abroad, too. Maybe in the near future.:p