February 18, 2011

4:35 AM 2/17/2011

A nice thought on a Thursday (TGIF doesnt really apply all the time) morning...

I had just finished reading 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' with a cup of coffee on a very early morning. Nice novel, funny and inspiring. Just made me think about my current life. I realized that I've never been this happy with my life, compared to what I had a year ago. Y'know the feeling of contentment even though you don't have everything. Come to think of it, I don't have a boyfriend. I've lost a boyfriend, who used to be the sexiest, most adorable and most sought-after guy in our school (I was just exaggerating =p). And now that it's been a year, I've realized that he's not really a big loss at all. I can say that I've finally moved on. I'm proud to say that I used to be head-over-heels in love with him, that I was hurt like hell, and that I've finally managed to moved on independently without that being-involved-to-somebody-else-just-so-I-can-forget-him cliche.I'm single, proud to be one, and though I'm missing the feeling of being with somebody special, I'm happy, absolutely happy. And I've transformed. Yeah, like an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan. Modesty and kidding aside (hehe), I find myself pretty now. It may not be because I really am but more likely because I'm just a bit more confident now. I've grown up, I am more mature and I've transformed myself into a woman.

And oh well, I'm just so excited to read all those e-books that I recently downloaded. Life's not perfect, but well, you just have to think that it's perfect...and everything will absolutely turn out perfectly! Til then! xoxo

The Rebirth

I've been thinking about the day I started to learn how to speak and write and it amazes me how excellent my parents have taught me…because I turned out to be so talkative and ‘vandalistic’.haha!
This is again another blog site from me, just so you can take a peek of what’s really running inside this sometimes-weird-always-wired head of mine (as if you really care, right? hehe)…about my thoughts, beliefs, reflection, feelings, and everything.

This is Imee...
and this is an extension of my very real self.