August 16, 2012

Vacation Jitters

One of my dream vacations will finally come true. It's gonna be next week, exactly 6 days from now, and I'm feeling the excitement and pressure mixing up. Of course, I am excited, for who wouldn't want to be at one of the best beaches in the world. Taking pictures is definitely my top reason why I wanna go there. Next would be seafoods, seafoods, seafoods. I'm not so excited with the beach itself since I'm not a beach bum, which brings me to the reason why I am pressured. I am pressured with lots of things. First is my allowance. I don't know if I can survive that trip with just so little amount of money (don't ask me how small it is coz I'm not gonna say the exact figures), and yet I know I should be thankful because it's gonna be my parents' money (see how broke I am). So with that little amount of money, I can't buy those outfits that I need. I don't have any beach wear in my tiny closet, and though I dream of taking a decent shot of me wearing a bikini, I just can't do it nor do I have the right to do so. It's not just insecurity, I just don't have any part of my body to flaunt with. I guess the least of my worries is that my 5-day leave wasn't approved yet, but I know I can manage to do some convincing for my supervisor to approve it.

I guess I can still have a great time there even with the lack of budget. I guess this is what they call vacation jitters.


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