December 31, 2013

Okay, I've done it!

Uhmm, okay. Don't expect too much. This won't inspire you or something. Let's just say this is my not-so-creative way of saying that I'm bored.

It's been so long! God, with all those tapings and mall tours! It's so hard being a celebrity......'s PA! Char lang. Anyway, I'm currently here in a historic place called Bataan, where the people are uber-tagalog speaking. There's not much to tell about this place except that the shirt I recently bought no longer fits. Okay, I'm now talking nonsense here. But I'm gonna share to you my super-awesome-that-even-Paris-Hilton's-gonna-get-jealous life.

'twas Nov2 when I bid goodbye to my family, closed the zipper of my purple muh-ley-tah and stepped into PAL814, with three of my newfound friends Sheryl, Jane & Francis. We were one of the few chosen lucky souls to go to Manila and be trained as Air Traffic Controllers.

I hopped off the plane at NAIA with a dream and my cardigan
That was supposed to be my status when we finally got there. But, nah. A lot has happened since then.

Seeing the CATC building for the first time was like a dramatic scene to me. I knew that each one of us was thinking that this was finally happening. Our months of waiting were finally over and that we were really about to step into a challenging unknown. (drama uy!)

Living in Manila didn't appeal to me at all. But I had to do it for myself, my family, and my future (chos!). I thought I would have a hard time adjusting. But surprisingly, thanks to my boardmates, it was effortless. We kind of hit it off the moment we started being together. (aww)

The orientation happened in a blur. And finally, the start of classes. I don't know how many of this Tell-me-about-yourself thingy we've done. It's amazing coz you've got the chance to know and be friends with people from different parts of the country; speaking different dialects, Tagalog, Ilocano, Ibanag, Chavacano, Ilonggo and Bisaya; and who have different degrees and titles, RNs, licensed ECEs, Accounting, Human Ecology (wow), Avionics (deep breathe), and Computer graduates, unlicensed, not registered.hehe
Our daily life's pretty much the same when we were in college. Wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, go to school, eat lunch, back to school, go home, eat dinner, sleep. Except that on CATC, you need to put the word STUDY after each comma. That is simply not exaggerating. That's how you can survive all 16(?) exams. We have to pass each subject, else, after two removal exams, you've got to say goodbye and forget that a training has ever happened. Not to mention that that is just on Phase 1 which is about two months, and a much gruelling training will happen within the next months for Phase 2. That's kinda harsh, but that's how it is. Only the best will survive. A known technique is to kapit-bisig with your classmates and never let go so you'll be sure to be working as glamorous as Maya after 10 months.

We were divided into two sections, each class with 23-25 students. I was on Section A. And surprise, surprise! I was chosen the president, not elected nor nominated, but chosen by chance. Since there was this 'curse' that the president is usually among those who were washed out during training, no one really wanted to take the risk of being one. So our teacher decided to let us pick a number, and there they found my name sitting beside that freakin' number 10. I felt sorry for myself, felt sorry for my classmates for having a class president that suck, and felt sorry for our uniforms with which I'm still having problems until now.

Honestly, I am having a hard time at school. I'm struggling memorizing all those almost-foreign aeronautics stuff. But all these won't be worth bragging about if the training is just so-so. If I can make it til graduation, I'll be the one to tell my father to print out a bigger tarpaulin (lol). If I can't make it, I will delete this post.I swear!

Someone said that instead of asking for 2014 to be good to us, let's instead be good this 2014. God has given me more than I've ever asked for this year. I'm almost always hesitant to ask for more from Him in the coming year. Why, I don't think I deserve all of these blessings. But I have faith, and I'm keeping my eye on that plane that's resembling my dream. This 2014, I'm really hoping that the odds will ever be in my favor.