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I love to write but I'm not a good writer. I am not that good with words, in writing essays and it takes time for me to put my thoughts into paper. I didn't have enough background in writing except for my Sulating Pangwakas in high school and that predictable assignment every Christmas vacation which is an essay entitled "What's My New Year's Resolution" in grade school. As long as my hand gets hold of a pen, it seems to have it's own power to scribble on any surface (not just on paper). I love lettering (and littering[?]), and I find most of my notebooks filled with writings. And, yes, I can produce a number of scratch papers in a day.

So, should it be "scratch" or "scrap"? It depends. To know more, read the article ‘Scratch Paper’ or ‘Scrap Paper’?. In summary:

Scrap paper had already been in circulation as a name for waste paper that could be recycled or reused, with note-taking emerging as one prominent type of reuse.

Scratch paper describes the note-taker’s hurried writing rather than the cheap source of the paper.  

Since the two variants are now equally available to Americans, the choice between scrap paper and scratch paper ultimately comes down to a question of the medium vs. the message. 

When you searched through Google, the terms are used depending on the region. Others haven't heard of the term "scrap paper", and vice versa.

scratch paper (American English)
scrap paper (British English)

Even some regions in the USA have different meanings and usage of each word (maybe same as how different the Tagalog word Totoy and Langgam are in Bisaya...haha!)

Please hand me that scrap of paper because I want to use it as scratch paper.

If you get it, well and good. If wa ka ka-gets, I don't care.hehe...To make it simple, SCRATCH PAPERS lang ako kay mas common sa Pinas! :D

This is an extension of my very real self...a page where every letter and word create a replica of the neurons that run through my brain and of the blood that passes through my veins and arteries. This is my refuge...my confidante... my reflection...of words left unspoken...of thoughts left unread...and of cries left unheard. In short, this is my online diary. =p