June 03, 2012

Solo Flight Soon!

So this is what's on my mind and has been my trending dream every night. I guess I'm going to blah-blah about this for quite some time now until that adventure will be over. I just can't wait for August to come. Though I'm dreading of becoming 23 (gurd!), I'm actually more excited of what's gonna happen during that day.

Oh, just where exactly am I going? Something just hit my head and I decided to finally grant my best friend's wish of visiting her in Boracay. And I just thought the perfect time would be during my birthday so I can also reward myself for working so hard (clap-clap).

And just so you know, I'm worried of what am I going to wear because I don't have any katanggap-tanggap na beach wear of some sort and I'm also dreading to wear a bikini. So I made a list of these outfits which I wish and plan to have.
(photos aren't mine. click caption to visit source)

Here's the first...and more to come. :)

Isn't it lovely? This is a must-have!