August 23, 2011

22 on 22! (It's my burpday!)

12:50 AM 8/23/2011

Wow! That was memorable!

I just turned 22 yesterday. And that was one of the happiest birthdays I've ever had. We had a small pre-celebration with my mom and bro at our boarding house on the 21st. I never slept until midnight to check on some birthday greetings on FB, and let me just say, that was quite a lot (haven't even checked on some of them yet). And just after a couple of minutes after midnight, I received my first text greetings. And guess who sent it! It was Allen! And that, just that, completed my day. I couldn't wish for more. The rest of the day went great. My father called at dawn, greeted and said Iloveyou. My mom and I had lunch at SM. My FB wall was flooded with a lot of greetings. Also received multiple greetings on my phone. And of course, to end the day perfectly, I, along with my gay friends Jana and Jules, went to party at V-place with my favorite Flight 99 band. I felt like a VIP. The spotlight was always on me (char!) and Mackie (the vocalist) and Fender (the keyboardist) kept on greeting me. The vocalist of the other band, who was also cute, kept on staring at me (according to Jules though. I hate to assume that he was looking at me and not at the girls behind me. Lol!) I just felt so special (and beautiful! harhar). I haven't got the chance to capture the moments though. But still, that was enough. I'm happy. I love being here in Davao. Thanks Lord for the smiles. =)