June 27, 2012

Don Beppe at The Peak

Maybe you've heard of the renovations made on the rooftop of Gaisano Mall, which is now know as The Peak. Yes, it is really at the peak of the mall, overseeing most of the downtown areas in Davao City. The design is great, with the fountain and three small swimming pools with changing colors thingy on the center as the main attraction.

You can just sit there, pa-emote-emote, or bring your partner and have a date-date and all, or go with your family and friends and picture-picture there. You can visit the place at daytime if you like to see the heavy traffic below and capture a very clear picture even with a cheap camera, but if you like to enjoy the lights and all, then better go at night. There are restaurants everywhere, and we chose Don Beppe as our stop. It's an Italian restaurant, so it's all pizza and pasta.

Don Beppe is on the second level of The Peak. Wanna eat there? Here's a peek of the menu:

The Wedding - A Review

After reading four consecutive thriller novels of John Grisham, I found The Wedding a little bit boring. Nicholas Sparks has always been my favorite love story writer but a sudden twist from the action-packed, exciting plots of legal thriller books to a simple and sweet love story has somehow made the feeling not the same. Reading Sparks' novels had always brought a kilig feeling back then. While I was reading this one, however, brought a feeling when I wanted my hands to let go of it but I just can't because I had this need to finish it. I was just actually reading the dialogue and scanned passed the unnecessary paragraphs, something that I don't do when reading. The last part, though, has made the book still worth-reading. The ending was, well, magical, a true touch of a romantic Nicholas Sparks. Unlike his previous books which usually has a tragic ending, this one has this heart-melting ending, indeed a great consolation for me finishing the book. Nicholas Sparks has made me cry once more.


June 03, 2012

Solo Flight Soon!

So this is what's on my mind and has been my trending dream every night. I guess I'm going to blah-blah about this for quite some time now until that adventure will be over. I just can't wait for August to come. Though I'm dreading of becoming 23 (gurd!), I'm actually more excited of what's gonna happen during that day.

Oh, just where exactly am I going? Something just hit my head and I decided to finally grant my best friend's wish of visiting her in Boracay. And I just thought the perfect time would be during my birthday so I can also reward myself for working so hard (clap-clap).

And just so you know, I'm worried of what am I going to wear because I don't have any katanggap-tanggap na beach wear of some sort and I'm also dreading to wear a bikini. So I made a list of these outfits which I wish and plan to have.
(photos aren't mine. click caption to visit source)

Here's the first...and more to come. :)

Isn't it lovely? This is a must-have!