October 28, 2011


It's kinda ironic when the people you know become people you knew...when you can walk right past someone as if they were never a huge part of your life...you used to be able to talk for hours on the phone and now you can't even look at each other in the damn eye...and it completely breaks your heart to know that some good things change, and there's nothing that you can do.

October 24, 2011

What I just want...

I wanna wake up when the sun is just about to rise...
I wanna start the day with a jog.
I wanna know that someone is there happy to see me.
I'm just freakin' tired that all I wanna do is to turn my back and sleep.
Yeah, sleep. My body no longer understands it.

October 17, 2011

pra sa mga feeler

Feelings are like waves. They sometimes lead you to a different direction. Rule? Just don't get too overwhelmed. Words said and actions done aren't as easy to remove as a Facebook status.
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October 15, 2011

bianca-to-be =)

i've been told that i express myself well through words, but i know i'm not an excellent writer. my grammar, punctuations, and prepositions are sometimes off, i don't know the meaning of a lot of big words, and there is so much about the world that other people know but i don't. i do know that i am passionate about sharing my thoughts with words, and i guess that counts. :)

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October 06, 2011

Here's the feeling that keeps coming back. Great!

Yeah, it's sarcasm.

I dreamed of him a lot of times before but I haven't really taken those dreams seriously. Until now that I've really taken the time to think about him. And my heart convinces my sane mind that I've been missing him all this time. That's sh*t, I know. And I started daydreaming...weaving stories of us being friends again...and him falling for me all over again...and me taking my chance of revenge...of them breaking apart...of him choosing me over her...of...STOP! I don't wanna be that stupid girl once more. I don't wanna feel this butterfly feeling. Please. Oh, please!

And fate has its own freaking timing. That other man just changed his status into "in a relationship" and that's it! It's enough! Drag me to hell. =(

October 04, 2011

a peace of sheet

12:24 PM 10/4/2011

Hey, you know what? I'm so proud of myself. Because after all those rejections that I've felt from you (on which you are not aware of), I still manage to smile and have fun even with just little things. I still managed to forget you even for just a little while. But you know how these romantic comedies work. They make you smile, give butterfly feelings in your stomach, cry...and remember...and wish...and dream that someday, those happy endings will also happen in real life. I feel so sad, that right after that moment, you no longer go online that much. I may not be that big of a deal to you but I felt like you are trying to get away from me. And that, by itself, is a simple, painful rejection. I'm trying too hard to stop myself from sending you even just a friendly message, knowing that you're gonna go in just a couple of days now, but for what? It will just be a move that I'll regret in a few months from now. My feelings would be that obvious, or you might think of me negatively, right? I hate crying, though sometimes it felt good. Or maybe it's not crying that I hate. It's the reason for my crying. Oh, crap.

October 02, 2011

The greatest love story ever told
is your own...

-Letters to Juliet-