January 04, 2012

Lights, Camera, Mana!

Still not too late for a bit of Mana-Christmas experience!

I've been passing by this great view to and from the office since Mana again started its annual Christmas spectacle but I never had a chance to really enjoy it until we had VTO. And by impulse, my teammates and I decided to grab our I guess only chance to enjoy the Christmas night away from the office.

Approximately 10ft tall Christmas trees, adorned with thousand gleaming lights, covered the front of Mana-Davao.
Still with my Concentrix shirt on, here are our childlike faces obviously enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime freedom!
Me and Baby Gurl Maan with Minnie Mouse (gf of maximouse.harhar)

Qym-drawn carriage! =p (with Maan and Ron)
from left: Ranji, Me, Qym, Ron, Maan

Donald the gay duck and Doraemon 10 years from now.

Santa's elf to complete the Christmas mood.

Sadaku ug Sagamay
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Everyday's a merry day! =)