September 10, 2012

Call Me Maybe by The Bitches

We are young, wild and free...this video conveys it all. This music video was done when we were staying at Marco Polo Hotel during Trishia's birthday. My gay friends had this crazy plan to create our own "Call Me Maybe" video and I was very excited since I haven't really participated on any music videos at all. And I never thought that it will turn out great (or am I just being biased?) since we were just all laughing and giggling during the taping(?). I guess that's what made it nice. I've been hitting the replay button a lot of times now and I still end up laughing. Hope you have fun watching it too! :)

Starring: Exequiel, Trishia, KC, Iyo and Me

September 08, 2012

The Marco Polo

Here are a few shots featuring The Marco Polo, a five-star hotel in Davao City. It was my friend's birthday and her boyfriend booked this superior room for two for P6,000. We stayed there for just a few hours to take photos and to make our Call Me Maybe music video.

Photo credits: Exequiel :)