December 31, 2013

Okay, I've done it!

Uhmm, okay. Don't expect too much. This won't inspire you or something. Let's just say this is my not-so-creative way of saying that I'm bored.

It's been so long! God, with all those tapings and mall tours! It's so hard being a celebrity......'s PA! Char lang. Anyway, I'm currently here in a historic place called Bataan, where the people are uber-tagalog speaking. There's not much to tell about this place except that the shirt I recently bought no longer fits. Okay, I'm now talking nonsense here. But I'm gonna share to you my super-awesome-that-even-Paris-Hilton's-gonna-get-jealous life.

'twas Nov2 when I bid goodbye to my family, closed the zipper of my purple muh-ley-tah and stepped into PAL814, with three of my newfound friends Sheryl, Jane & Francis. We were one of the few chosen lucky souls to go to Manila and be trained as Air Traffic Controllers.

I hopped off the plane at NAIA with a dream and my cardigan
That was supposed to be my status when we finally got there. But, nah. A lot has happened since then.

Seeing the CATC building for the first time was like a dramatic scene to me. I knew that each one of us was thinking that this was finally happening. Our months of waiting were finally over and that we were really about to step into a challenging unknown. (drama uy!)

Living in Manila didn't appeal to me at all. But I had to do it for myself, my family, and my future (chos!). I thought I would have a hard time adjusting. But surprisingly, thanks to my boardmates, it was effortless. We kind of hit it off the moment we started being together. (aww)

The orientation happened in a blur. And finally, the start of classes. I don't know how many of this Tell-me-about-yourself thingy we've done. It's amazing coz you've got the chance to know and be friends with people from different parts of the country; speaking different dialects, Tagalog, Ilocano, Ibanag, Chavacano, Ilonggo and Bisaya; and who have different degrees and titles, RNs, licensed ECEs, Accounting, Human Ecology (wow), Avionics (deep breathe), and Computer graduates, unlicensed, not registered.hehe
Our daily life's pretty much the same when we were in college. Wake up, take a bath, eat breakfast, go to school, eat lunch, back to school, go home, eat dinner, sleep. Except that on CATC, you need to put the word STUDY after each comma. That is simply not exaggerating. That's how you can survive all 16(?) exams. We have to pass each subject, else, after two removal exams, you've got to say goodbye and forget that a training has ever happened. Not to mention that that is just on Phase 1 which is about two months, and a much gruelling training will happen within the next months for Phase 2. That's kinda harsh, but that's how it is. Only the best will survive. A known technique is to kapit-bisig with your classmates and never let go so you'll be sure to be working as glamorous as Maya after 10 months.

We were divided into two sections, each class with 23-25 students. I was on Section A. And surprise, surprise! I was chosen the president, not elected nor nominated, but chosen by chance. Since there was this 'curse' that the president is usually among those who were washed out during training, no one really wanted to take the risk of being one. So our teacher decided to let us pick a number, and there they found my name sitting beside that freakin' number 10. I felt sorry for myself, felt sorry for my classmates for having a class president that suck, and felt sorry for our uniforms with which I'm still having problems until now.

Honestly, I am having a hard time at school. I'm struggling memorizing all those almost-foreign aeronautics stuff. But all these won't be worth bragging about if the training is just so-so. If I can make it til graduation, I'll be the one to tell my father to print out a bigger tarpaulin (lol). If I can't make it, I will delete this post.I swear!

Someone said that instead of asking for 2014 to be good to us, let's instead be good this 2014. God has given me more than I've ever asked for this year. I'm almost always hesitant to ask for more from Him in the coming year. Why, I don't think I deserve all of these blessings. But I have faith, and I'm keeping my eye on that plane that's resembling my dream. This 2014, I'm really hoping that the odds will ever be in my favor.

October 13, 2013

Leap of Faith

"Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later."

September 24, 2013

For you...

Taylor Swift

I'd never gone with the wind
Just let it flow
Let it take me where it wants to go
'Til you open the door
There's so much more
I'd never seen it before
I was trying to fly
But I couldn't find wings
But you came along and you changed everything

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier

I've watched from a distance as you made life your own
Every sky was your own kind of blue
And I wanted to know how that would feel
And you made it so real
You showed me something that I couldn't see
You opened my eyes
And you made me believe

You lift my feet off the ground
You spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I'm falling and I am lost in your eyes
You make me crazier, crazier, crazier

Just a simple gift but I hope this is enough to make you smile.
Pampatulog mo na rin. :)
Sorry if naay mali. Kapoy na man record balik. Hehe. 

Happy birthday Emman!
See you soon.

September 15, 2013


Good morning my dear,

I woke up at 2 am today. I only slept for roughly four hours since my last duty last night. I guess my body clock's still trying to adjust to this normal sleeping pattern. So all I did today was to transfer photos of my friends to my phone. Wala lang, I guess I just wanna stare at them whenever I miss them.

The moment I stepped into that plane, I know that life will never be as it was. I can no longer be with the people I used to laugh and have fun with. I guess it was the same when I was handed my diploma. You say goodbye, say promises to still see each other in the next few years. You exchange text messages, IMs on Facebook, planned meetups, but you can no longer have that same bonding you used to have before.

You get to meet new people everyday in your life but they will just pass. They will just be a part of your past and the only thing they can leave you are memories. Life teaches us how to say goodbye, let go and move on in the most bittersweet way.

I am slowly packing things up. I'm scared, scared as hell. Remember when I told you that I am afraid of changes, that I love being on the safe side. You know, sometimes I wish to just go back to being a kid, that moment when I was in bed with my brothers, singing together while raining, while our parents were watching TV in the living room. That's what always comes to mind whenever a big change is going to happen in my life.

But you know what, I've never been this excited in my entire life. I used to wonder what I will do in the next few years. For all we knew, I've been working so hard but I never really had a fixed plan in mind. But the future now looks good, actually it's better, a perfect view. And you know that I would do everything to make that a reality.


September 05, 2013


My dear paper,

I've been overwhelmed lately with lots of happy-nings in my life. This started last Tuesday when I received a text message saying that I am qualified for training at CAAP. I didn't blog about it right away since I've been waiting for their official post on the website just so I can have something other than that text message to assure me that I really did make it. But oh well, it's hard not to boast about it. Sorry if I'm making it such a big deal but it is indeed a very big one for me. It was tough making it there, you know, and it's indeed a pride to be part of it. You know that I've always believed that I am made for something big. I really don't wanna be a part of the ordinary. This is one reason why I didn't aspire to be a teacher. Don't get me wrong but I don't wanna add up to the long list of teachers in our family. I wanna be different and I want to achieve something that only a few can. And I am praying that I've finally found the rightful place for me.

I was also so happy and relieved by how well my bosses accepted the news that I am resigning. They are even happy and proud of me for making it there. I've received lots of wishes of congratulations.

Just when I was about to worry about my fear of starting alone in the big city, my fellow trainee sent me a message asking me if I already have a place to stay in Manila, which we both don't...and there I found my Manila-buddy. :)

I also get to keep my sideline which will definitely be a great help with my finances while on training.

My parents were struggling with money lately but thank God they've found a way. 

I've always had this worry that my year of training will be a greater burden for my family, what with me not having a job and all. But I know God will provide. Money, or lack thereof, will not end our world.

I've been wanting to share something interesting to you but I'm thinking that maybe it's too early for it. Y'know what, I'm currently on the getting-to-know-someone stage. I know you're thinking that this is definitely someone interesting as I don't really write something about someone unless he is worth writing about. And let's see...I haven't really written about a guy in two years time. So yeah, although I don't wanna admit it, this one passed the initiation. But I don't wanna spoil more details here. As I've said, it's too early for that. I will write more about him if there will still be him in the coming months.

I sometimes wonder why God is giving me all these blessings when I know that I'm not really that worthy. It frightens me sometimes that after all these good things happening, unpleasant things will follow. But I know God doesn't work that way. I'm keeping my faith.

I am just happy. And I know you are too.



August 23, 2013


When you're happy, you enjoy the music.
When you're sad, you understand the lyrics.

August 06, 2013

Bishes the Explorers

If you've just woken up from 10 hours of deep sleep, it could only mean two things: it's either you've had a very tiresome day at work...or you've been through the best vacation of your life. Ene be nemeng buhay toh! The bishes just got bored and so off we go to Manila baby! Here are our extreme and fun-filled adventures. Tara! Let's see Manila in the eyes of the gorgeous Davaoeños.

Our fun started when we were about to leave Davao. Our friend Jun2x originally didn't plan to come with us. He just came to meet us so he can write an authorization letter to settle this small issue with our hotel reservation. But well, you couldn't really say no to bishes Quiel and Trishia, so even with second thoughts, Jun2x, with no extra underwear and everything, went with us to the airport, had his first plane ride, and the rest was history.

Friday, August 2, 2013, 3:05 PM - Touchdown NAIA Terminal 3

The hotel van picked us up from NAIA to our hotel in Pasay.
Traffic bah? We haven't really noticed it as we were so giddy with excitement.

Shogun Suite Hotel

Our hotel was just a 20-minute drive from NAIA. This was where we met up with our fellow bish Kaycee, who served as our tour guide for the rest of our trip. The hotel's conveniently located at the heart of Pasay City, just a walk away to MRT and LRT-1 stations, and jeepneys and buses are very accessible. We got this Mega Family Room, with one queen size bed and two single beds. We just added one single bed (a folding bed pala) to cater the five of us. The room has a hot/cold shower, cable TV and free but slow WiFi. There's also free breakfast for two, thus we just paid for the other three breakfasts. We stayed there for 3 nights. Considering the affordability and the accessibility, I'd rate it 6 out of 10. I forgot how much we paid though but you can check out more details here.

SM Mall of Asia

Because our time was so limited, we just checked in at the hotel, left our baggage and headed to our first official laag venue at SM Mall of Asia. It's one of the biggest malls in Asia, and it is indeed big. Lol. We met up with the rest of the gang there, the lovers Dagz and Oz.

Movie Stars Café

 Prior to going to Manila, we already purchased various promo packages via One was this dinner buffet at Movie Stars Café. There had been a problem with the café not acknowledging our reservation but thanks to the super argumentative powers of Trishia, we were reserved a slot for a 6:00 PM dinner buffet.

Movie Stars Café is one of the arrays of restaurants and cafés at Seaside Blvd in MOA. It took us some time to find it, but it was all worth it.

We were already amazed the moment we stepped inside the café. The design, the movie stars statues, even the waiters and waitresses wearing costumes – they all lived up to the café’s name. There were posters of some of the greatest movies and also a big screen showing a couple movie clips. The lighting also made the interior perfect.

I just had a few bites of my hotdog when a surprise came. Look, it’s Spiderman! IN THE FLESH! In fairness, achieve na achieve nya ang getup (you know what I mean when I say how tight-fitting a Spiderman costume is). And that’s just the first. One by one, there goes the black Spiderman, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Ironman, Darth Vader and a whole lot more!

They’re not simply people wearing costumes, they were also great entertainers. They went to each and every customer’s table, were so game with our every photo requests, and made fun with us for the whole night. They also had their production numbers (they were good dancers), one of which our friend Jun2x became an instant celebrity.

How was the food? Don’t ask me! No one would remember if the food tasted good or not. It was buffet but I only had one plate! We were so busy taking photos with the celebrities that we ignored the food. But, my! I was so full with happiness and satisfaction. Char!

All of us were really satisfied with the great service. Never would’ve thought that this café just opened in 2011(?). The café is so perfect for families and barkadas, and I’m sure kids will surely love being there.

It was indeed a night with the stars. Thanks to Movie Stars Cafe, they made our vacation so sulit already. I would definitely go back there, and yes, I promise to eat some more next time! :D

SATURDAY,  August 3, 2014

Cinemalaya at CCP and Rizal Park, Luneta

Our wishes were granted when we finally had our first MRT/LRT ride. It’s our first time in Manila so that was really a must-try. There’s really nothing special in riding an MRT except that, if you’re not from Manila, you will feel like an authentic Manileño once you’re inserting the ticket at the station and once you’re standing squeezed together inside the train with the other passengers.

We are really noisy no matter where we are. And, yeah, Manila wasn’t an exception. Though I know we can speak Filipino with a neutral accent, speaking it in our Bisdak accent is definitely more fun...and yeah, EASIER. Imagine yourself wanting to say something and you have to pause first to think of its Tagalog translation before saying it out loud. Promise, ang lisod talaga!

After a series of train-jeepney rides, we reached our first destination at Cinemalaya at CCP Complex. We just took a few photos (a few for us means a hundred) and went to Rizal Park in Luneta for a few more (so two hundred na?).

We don’t have any super tall buildings in Davao yet, so we couldn’t help but be amazed with those high-rise buildings in Manila. So, if you're like us who are so jologs and wanted to look up to see how high their buildings are, bring yourself a bottled water. You can definitely work that bottle-forehead formula, can’t you?

Pho Bac 

We later went to Glorietta in Makati to reserve our van ride going to Enchanted Kingdom. We had lunch at Pho Bac, a Vietnamese restaurant. The food’s fine, though I didn’t become a fan.

It’s an almost two-hour ride from Glorietta going to EK. We reached EK at 2:00 PM. We first tried the Flying Fiesta and later on entered Rialto to watch the 10-minute clip of The Journey to the Mysterious Island in 3D.

We then went to try the EKstreme DROP!

You can definitely see how scary this ride is by just watching the reactions of those who were just “dropped”. You will be lifted very slowly up to 40 meters high…you will see the vast area of the whole EK…and just there and then, you will be dropped so fast and without warning. That drop only happened in less than 10 seconds but it literally took so long to end. It definitely was the longest 10 seconds of our life. If you’re up there, there’s really no other way but DOWN!

We had an overwhelming adrenaline rush with the Extreme Drop that we had to lay low so our next stop was the Dodgem (bump car). Bump, bump, bump and okay. Hehe. Next was the Anchors Away, which is also scary..but not so (weh! Di nga?)

The next one was grrr…the Space Shuttle! My first roller coaster ride was in Cebu but that was just a mini-ride. And after experiencing this ride at EK, that’s when I realized that the one I had in Cebu was just really so mini. For me, this is the scariest ride I’ve ever had that all I did the whole time was to close my eyes. It felt like my brain (or cerebrum and cerebellum as per Jun2x) was dislocated or something. I don’t know. It was super scary. But thank God, it was all over! But I might wanna try it again in the future!

Our next ride was the Jungle Log Jam, where we rode in a hollow log which took us uphill and down splashing into the water. After my experience with the roller coaster, this one was no longer a challenge. (cough2x)

Our last ride was the Disk-O-Magic…(singing “I love EK.”) This was fun too…(singing “I love EK”.) 

We ate our dinner at EK and later on watched the fireworks display before heading home at 9:00 PM. With all the walkathon we did at CCP and Luneta and all those rides we tried at EK, our energy were all spent. It was raining but that didn’t stop us from enjoying. It was indeed a great adventure. I am not adventurous by nature but my curiosity had urged me to try all the rides…and it was satisfying. Feel the rush of the rides too…visit EK’s website here.

SUNDAY, August 4, 2013

Bonifacio Global City

If every part of the country is like BGC, no one would ever think of leaving. The place is so clean, so urbanized and so sosyal anyone would really want to live there. I don’t know what to say more, just let these photos do the talking.


This was where I really wanted to go since this place will really come out perfect on the photos. And it really did.

We also went inside the Intramuros Museum (Entrance Fee: P100 for adults; P50 for students). I didn’t have enough money to spend but I didn’t want to miss the chance to take more photos inside the museum. I was a little disappointed since there were some areas where taking photos is not allowed. One was the crematorium, where the ashes of Juan Luna, and a hundreds of other Filipinos who have fought for our freedom, were buried (yun ang sabi ng mama). There were also a dozen handmade wood carvings and sculptures made by our ancestors that were so detailed and so…creepy. The place really gave that creepy feeling but it felt good at the same time to feel so close with our own history.

This has the most number of photos in all the places we’ve been to. We purchased the Ultimate Adventure Level Up thru Metrodeal as well.

The Oceanarium

At the Trails to Antarctica. It's super cold but we took off our coats just for FUN. And it was...COLD!
Fish Spa. We all had fun with this one. The tickling feeling of those fishes eating the dirt out of your feet is so soothing. It was my first time and I wanna try that one again.
Birds of Prey Kingdom
The Sea Lion Show. Watching those sea lions made me teary-eyed. The feeling of amazement of God’s creations was so overwhelming. Although they’re trained by man, their ability to learn are really innate and makes you wonder what goes inside the minds of various animals.

Watch Ira the Sea Lion dance!

Once again, a part of our group became the star for the day. Featuring Kaycee in her closest encounter with the sea lion Ira:

Before heading back home to get ready for our late night gimmick, we had this dare to sit in the center of the lobby at the Ocean Park. And so we did, and ignored the curious stares of those around us.

A group of Koreans then followed our lead. Who knows? We could’ve started a tradition at the Manila Ocean Park.

Experience this cool ocean adventure. Visit Manila Ocean Park's website here.

Cowboy Grill Malate

 “Akoy nasa Malate alas siyete ng gabi” was sung constantly by Jun2x each time he hears the word Malate. And so off we go to Malate for our night out…but definitely not 7:00 PM too early! It’s not the sosy bar we’ve been expecting but it was okay. We had fun all by ourselves. The first live band wasn’t that great. The second band was cool, though. We had Tequila shots while my friends Dagz, Oz, Trishia and Kaycee were grooving and singing to the sound of heavy metal. Those were the types of songs that my brothers listen to…when I can’t hear them.

We were starved afterwards and so we went out and looked for McDo, only to find Jollibee which, according to Trishia was just okay since it’s still McDo. I’m sorry but Trishia has this tendency to talk weird…or weirder…when she’s drunk. LOL.

MONDAY, August 5, 2013

It’s our last day. :(
We went back to MOA to buy some pasalubong.

Our flight back to Davao was at 3:00PM. It was a tough ride. Upon touchdown, Jun2x clapped his hands because he was happy that we landed safe. The funny thing was the rest of our fellow passengers clapped their hands as well without knowing why. Also, because we no longer have money, we had to hike from the airport to the highway, with our luggage and all.

Painting the town bloody red

Shout out to our tour guide Kaycee who did a very good job in taking us to the must-visit places in Metro Manila. Our four-day adventure was really fully loaded. All of us had an amazing Manila experience. One thing I know for sure is that despite the cool things we’ve seen and done there, all of us were very happy and relieved to be back home.

I might give a poor judgment as I’ve only been to Manila for a few days but I find Davao a more livable place. I wanna apologize firsthand for all the not-so-good things that I’m going to say, but all these are just my honest opinion.

I just can’t help but notice a big difference in the streets of Manila and Davao. The traffic enforcers there weren’t that visible/strict, and you can just jaywalk on the busy streets without being reprimanded. Or maybe we were just so used with the active TMOs here in Davao.

This could be lengthy but I also want to highlight our experience in riding the taxis there. I remembered in one recent homily, the priest mentioned Emilio Advincula, a taxi driver in Manila who returned an envelope with two million pesos inside to his passenger. I don’t wanna be sarcastic but that was indeed a big surprise. With a number of times we've ridden a taxi in Manila, never did I notice even a small glimpse of Mamang Emilio in them.

Unlike in Davao where the maximum number of passengers is only 4 and the taxi meter is always being followed, it’s very different in Manila. As long as there are still spaces in the taxi, you can negotiate with the driver on how many passengers he’s willing to take. You also have to negotiate whether to run the meter or pay the price he asks.

We were 5 at that time and the driver agreed to transport us from MOA to our hotel. Yes, he had the taxi meter running, but it was when the taxi’s running when he told us that we had to pay additional since we were 5. It sounded reasonable but he should’ve told us that before we got in. Upon arrival, I gave him the exact taxi meter price. We all got out fast and didn’t look back. My friend told me that the driver got furious, went after him, so he had to pay an additional P30.

On another incident, we were 7 but the driver agreed to drive us from the hotel to Malate. Again, the taxi meter was running, but this driver made a snide remark that since we were 7, we had to pay P75 each. Take note, he was already driving. My friend then said that if the meter’s not followed, then we will just get off his cab. He then said that that’s not what he meant. He said that what he meant was that we’ll have to pay that price if it’s daytime. At nagpapalusot pa si Manong. Again, he should’ve told us before even agreeing to take us all in and gave us a chance to say no. Worse, he noticed that we weren’t familiar with the place we’re going, so he dropped us off to the wrong place. We had to ride a jeep to reach our destination.

Sorry, I’m not done yet. Here’s the best taxi driver of all time. We were also 7 and we had to go back from Malate to our hotel. It was all okay until one of my friends noticed that we were just going around in circles in one of the streets that luckily she was familiar with. When she told the driver about it, the driver then made an out of this world response (a sound made when a recorded speech is distorted). That’s when we noticed that our taxi meter was running from when we don’t know when as it has reached more than 400. We just paid the price we paid earlier.

I just felt so bad that that's how most of them treat their passengers once they know that they're not from there. Hindi po kami ganyan sa Davao. If you don’t know where to go, riding a taxi is what we normally recommend and you’re sure to reach it. But I guess it’s a “place to place” basis. I’ve been here in Davao for almost 4 years now but haven’t experienced one like that yet. Almost, if not all, taxi drivers in Davao are honest. Whether you’re a local or a foreigner, you are sure to reach your destination at an honest price. You are definitely safe in the arms of a Davao taxi driver.

But then again, those were just the taxi drivers. They can never ruin the fun we had there.

Manila or not?

If you’re a homebody, or if you’re a big-time employee with a car, then Manila is definitely a place for you. And if you wanna live there, you need lots and lots of PATIENCE.

Dan Brown once dubbed Manila as the “Gates of Hell” in his novel Inferno. I am a big Dan Brown fan and it’s really tricky to separate facts from fiction in all of his novels. He’s never been to Manila yet, but I bet one of his researchers had. Six hours traffic (maybe two), prostitution (or course, but I bet it’s more rampant in other countries), and a whole lot more. There’s always a touch of truth in every fiction.

But let’s face it. Manila is just one misunderstood soul. It was already served its verdict even before it has given a chance to prove its worth. For all we know, Manila is a very promising city and still has the right to boast its wondrous beauty. Do you need proof? View the best of the best photos of Manila here. (photo courtesy of Quiel.)

A super uber big thanks to Quiel for the talent, time and effort in enhancing and uploading the photos and to Baby Nikko for the amazing shots. Thanks as well to Kaycee for being an amazing tour guide, to Trishia for her super powers, to Jun2x who was so brave for coming with us, to Dagz and Oz with whom I just met but have been a great company. What made the journey super special weren't the places or the photos (or maybe the but the people I've been with.

So, am I willing to go back to Manila? Absolutely. But for now, CUKL! ☺