September 05, 2013


My dear paper,

I've been overwhelmed lately with lots of happy-nings in my life. This started last Tuesday when I received a text message saying that I am qualified for training at CAAP. I didn't blog about it right away since I've been waiting for their official post on the website just so I can have something other than that text message to assure me that I really did make it. But oh well, it's hard not to boast about it. Sorry if I'm making it such a big deal but it is indeed a very big one for me. It was tough making it there, you know, and it's indeed a pride to be part of it. You know that I've always believed that I am made for something big. I really don't wanna be a part of the ordinary. This is one reason why I didn't aspire to be a teacher. Don't get me wrong but I don't wanna add up to the long list of teachers in our family. I wanna be different and I want to achieve something that only a few can. And I am praying that I've finally found the rightful place for me.

I was also so happy and relieved by how well my bosses accepted the news that I am resigning. They are even happy and proud of me for making it there. I've received lots of wishes of congratulations.

Just when I was about to worry about my fear of starting alone in the big city, my fellow trainee sent me a message asking me if I already have a place to stay in Manila, which we both don't...and there I found my Manila-buddy. :)

I also get to keep my sideline which will definitely be a great help with my finances while on training.

My parents were struggling with money lately but thank God they've found a way. 

I've always had this worry that my year of training will be a greater burden for my family, what with me not having a job and all. But I know God will provide. Money, or lack thereof, will not end our world.

I've been wanting to share something interesting to you but I'm thinking that maybe it's too early for it. Y'know what, I'm currently on the getting-to-know-someone stage. I know you're thinking that this is definitely someone interesting as I don't really write something about someone unless he is worth writing about. And let's see...I haven't really written about a guy in two years time. So yeah, although I don't wanna admit it, this one passed the initiation. But I don't wanna spoil more details here. As I've said, it's too early for that. I will write more about him if there will still be him in the coming months.

I sometimes wonder why God is giving me all these blessings when I know that I'm not really that worthy. It frightens me sometimes that after all these good things happening, unpleasant things will follow. But I know God doesn't work that way. I'm keeping my faith.

I am just happy. And I know you are too.