About Me

I love it when people judge me negatively...especially when they found out that they are wrong.


There's more to me than what you see...there's more to me than what you already know...and there's more to me than what you will read below...but still, read it.hehe

You may not like me at first…hmmm…but you’ll later think twice, whether you like it or you like it very much!

... ... ... ... ...
PASSION…Love and Likes
- I’m a bookworm. I’m also dying to see the movies from all the books I’ve read and will read.
Clare (8 y/o): Are you married?
Henry DeTamble: Yes, I am.
Clare at Eight: Is your wife a time traveler?
Henry DeTamble: No. No, thank God.
Clare at Eight: Do you love her?
Henry DeTamble: Yes. Very much. What's wrong?
Clare at Eight: Nothing. I was just hoping you're married to me.

- I can produce numerous scratch papers the moment my hand holds a pen and a paper to write and draw (thus my blog's name).

Go to my Ink Blots tab for proof. =)

- I love to play the keyboard and sing (though I’m not that good in the latter). In fact, I am dreaming of performing in front of a huge audience to play the keyboard.

An instrumental rendition of "My Love Will See You Through"
(so karaan.lol)
(first year hs, 2004)

- I love to eat, eat and eat. (hala ka ui)

- I adore ALTERNATIVE and POP.

and a whole lot more...

Pinoy rappers (xcept Gloc-9) and male pa-cute Asian boybands irritate me (sorry).

- I’m the kuripot mallrat☺. If I’m not at home, I’m at the mall, and if I’m at the mall, I’m definitely in a bookstore or a moviehauz.

UNDER MY SKIN…strengths/weakness, fears, dark side…

-I don’t consider myself intelligent, just BLESSED.

-I was once full of insecurities...but well, that was then. I'm not a narcissist but I do love myself. I may not be attractive but I know I am beautiful inside and out. That's just pure confidence.*wink!

- It takes time for me to adjust socially. I'm shy...but I have a lot of friends because they're friendly and I'm approachable (har2x). I am really talkative, funny, and loud. FOR REAL. I am a loyal friend to those who DESERVE one.


God's greatest gift!

- My zodiac sign is LEO - creative, ambitious, broadminded, faithful, loving, warmhearted, enthusiastic and lively. yeah!

- I'm a perfectionist...Obsessive-compulsive. MELANCHOLIC and a little phlegmatic.

- I love to be with people with sense of humor and those with sense.

- I’m SENSITIVE. Hurt me once and you’ll never earn my respect again even if you say sorry. I FORGIVE BUT NEVER FORGETS.

- I despise sluts (2d bones!), empty pretty heads(starfishes) and ‘feelers’.

- I fear REJECTION. Yeah, I want people’s approval…I’m sensitive to criticism…a crybaby…has a weak personality but becomes strong with each rise from a fall, that is, if left with no choice.

...and I am single for more than 2 years now.haha!

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