January 12, 2012


It's our first payday for 2012, so just how we always celebrate it, bitches I, Quiel and Trishia went to another food trip. We ate at Chikaan in Abreeza. Funny how our attendant did his spiel after getting our orders, "Ma'am, Sir, my name is Mario and I'm your skemeyki....forgot the rest...coz it 's so awkward for us....=p...
How's the food? Well, quite affordable but didn't stand out...but we're full kay unli-rice!

Chika-an is a famous Cebu-based restaurant that has been serving Filipino dishes to Cebuanos for many years now.

Chika-an is on the first floor of Abreeza-Ayala Mall in Bajada, Davao City. Click here to like its FB page.



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