November 25, 2012

Let's Walk and Remember

Before you start reading, I want you to do this:
- Please play the video below, close your eyes, and listen to the intro while imagining that you're wearing a long white dress, walking down the white-carpeted aisle, holding a bouquet full of roses...

...then you suddenly pricked your finger with the thorns (char. panira lang.)
Please keep the song playing in the background to make it more dramatic, orayt!

Did you watch the Zoren-Carmina Wedding special? In fairness, that was by far the most special wedding that I've ever watched. The effort done by Zoren to profess how much he loves Carmina has really wowed me. It's something that only a man truly in love is capable of doing, and a wedding every woman would want to have.

Any girl would go kilig over something similar to what Zoren did. We girls are mostly hopeful romantics. We were surrounded with magical stories as we grew up, of fairy tales, of knights in shining armor, of living happily ever after. That's one reason why Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and The Vampire Diaries are so IN today. We wanted to feel loved, to feel special, to be assured that we are the most beautiful girl in the world. Yet, it seems that the male population's running out of Christian Grey, Edward Cullen, and Damon Salvatore species.

I am not in a commitment, by choice and by chance. Dili ko tantong gwapa and yet I am choosy. I don't plan to be a rich, sophisticated, bitter old maid naman. In fact, I'm a hopeful romantic. I believe in serendipity, in destiny, in soulmates, in right timing, in a spark-at-first-sight, those kinds of things.

This has been long overdue but I guess this is also the perfect time for me to share to you one of my most favorite movies of all time.

I've first watched the movie when I was a college freshman. It then became a favorite. I even used it for my book report in our English class after finding out that the movie was based from a book, although I haven't read the actual book at all because I couldn't afford it. I've read its pdf version 7 years later. I've watched the movie again a year later, and felt that same feeling when I watched it for the first time. And finally, a year later, I was able to read the actual book. And I was again shedding tears. I don't know if it's the book that really got me carried away when in fact I can almost memorize each of the scenes for reading it again. I know that there's something magical with flipping the pages that only bookworms can understand. But I know it's not just it. It's not even it at all. It's the story itself. Just a simple, sweet, young story. It has something in it that always makes me cry. A Walk to Remember, for me, is by far the simplest yet the most special love story I've ever known. So would you want to walk with me and remember it all?

*quotes taken from Nicholas Sparks' novel "A Walk To Remember" and snapshots taken from the movie of the same title

Every woman wants to find the Zoren and the Landon of their life. I can't think of a happy ending here but I wanna leave this thought to all girls who are hurt, confused, committed, letting go or starting again, to always remember that...

from Letters to Juliet


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