May 16, 2012

Eden Nature Park

After constant planning and careful spending (char lang), we, the bitches, finally were able to visit the Eden Park. It was an adventure-packed day. Needless to say, I'm still overwhelmed with lots of first time experiences that we had during the day.
The Eden Park is a 15-km drive from the town of Toril. 'Twas only a P75-tricycle ride going there. We arrived at around 8:30. We then arranged our itenirary and spent time waiting for our first stop taking pictures and of playing Indiana Jone, which is the first in the list of my first time experiences.

Our day tour started at 9:30 and we had to ride a shuttle to fully explore the wide area. We had this lady tour guide who told us that a certain Ayala in Davao (not the Ayala in Manila, as what she repeatedly said) owned the park. She also discussed about the mangosteen and the deer and the rainbow and the aviary and a whole lot more. We only had three 5-minute stops so we can take pictures of the place. First was with the rainbow park thingy, and I forgot what our tour guide told us about why it was called just like that.

Second was with the Tinubdan Falls.

Third was with Lola's Garden, called as such because most lolas would love the plants there. It has a wishing well, the Sadako well (hehe), which is filled with these:

The day tour lasted for an hour. After that, we went to the Skyrider area, which is about 250 meters long. That was my first zipline adventure and that was OH-some! The only scary moment was when I was about to take off, but the fear was then replaced with excitement, and of wanting for a longer zipline.

After that, we went horseback-riding with Kookie and Lupin. And oh, that was a first time as well, and I don't wish to experience riding one again because they look so helpless. Nakakaawa.

Afterwards, we devoured the food during our lunch buffet. The food were good but they didn't really stand out.

At 2:00 PM, we went to Pasyalan, which is surrounded by magnificent birds of all kinds, and later on went to see the aviary. There's a room there filled with these,

and there's also a room which is filled with worms and pupae, like you can really see the life cycle of a butterfly.

At 3:00 PM, they went swimming. Yeah, THEY, because I had this bloody period thingy that time.

We arrived home at around 6:30 PM, tired yet very happy. It was all worth the expenses, and a real great first time. Indeed, it's more fun in the Philippines.

***Here's the brochure for the Day Packages***