September 29, 2011

Tinuy-an Falls, The Doll House, Enchanted River and Island Hopping

This is the first team building of the Cadillac. 'twas so fun I can't believe all those adventures happened in just one day.

We traveled starting from Davao at around 8pm. There were about I guess 18 of us (including our teammates' kauyabans) who managed to fit inside the van. We were so congested and so sleepy yet very excited for our upcoming adventures. We arrived at Bislig, Surigao City at around 12 midnight.

sleepover at Janice's (Miss Noreen's former agent) house

So here's our itinerary:

1st stop: Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.
Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City is just one of the 12 majestic falls found in Surigao del Sur
You can go right where the falls fall(?) thru this bamboo boat. A long string is tied from either side so you just have to pull it to reach the other side.

This is just one of the 5 falls. You can reach the top thru a ladder or just thru the falls, fighting off the strong water current.
 It took us almost an hour to reach the falls. The road is underdeveloped but it's all worth it. This is the first, and is the best part of our trip. First stop pa lang, solve na.

2nd stop: Doll House, Bislig City

You have to endure this long flight of stairs to reach the Doll House

Yeah, it's full of dolls (hehe). This was featured in Rated K and is internationally known.

Here you can find all dolls from all over the world, dolls of fairy tale characters, villains and what-you-can-think of

3rd stop: Hinatuan’s Enchanted River and island hopping.

Absolutely enchanted. The water is so crystal clear and you can swim here with the fishes.
We're so lucky to have seen the feeding of the fishes at 12 noon. A music was played and that's when a school of fish goes out of its hiding place and the river was just literally filled with all kinds of fishes waiting to be fed. 'twas so enchanting.
So, yeah, this is my first ever island hopping experience, and feel na feel ko wearing my orange life jacket.hehe

Go swim and play with the turtles!

Sino siya?!

We reached home at around 11pm. It was raining and we were so exhausted (we're so crowded in the van and haven't eaten our dinner) but it was all worth it. Surigao indeed!



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