March 04, 2015


Someday, we'll lie on the sand.
We'll watch how the sun sets quickly and slowly at the same time.
We'll listen to the people's loud laughter and to the gentle splash of the water.
We'll feel the soft cool breeze and the soft, milky sand beneath our skin.
We will then look at each other, and forget how beautiful the sun sets, why do people laugh, how pleasant the waves sound, how soothing the breeze is and how fine the sand is.
We will forget who and what is around us.
We will just remember why we are where we are.
We will realize that even though the sunset isn't beautiful, the people's laughter are noisy, the waves are angry, the breeze is fierce and the sand is rough, the world remains a magical place because we are looking at the most precious thing God has ever created for us.