February 07, 2014

Please love me not.

Don't you dare fall in love with me.
You're not my type.
My friends and I laugh at you because of your big body and the disturbing way you sit.
It annoys me when you undress in front of everybody.
You don't have many friends.
You seem to take everything so seriously.

But I like you.
I love the scent I smell when we sit beside each other.
I love how we tried and failed to make an eye contact when we talk.
I love your surprising intelligent sense of humour.
I love the feeling that you're secretly staring at me.
You made me feel like the most beautiful girl when you knocked on the door and unexpectedly lent me your T-square, knowing that you brought it with you during that 2-hour travel to school.

You surprise me in every single way. But you know what surprises me the most? It's me realizing that I'm finally falling for you.