May 07, 2017


As you grow older (cliché), you learn to choose who and what your priorities are. You become more aware of what you wanna do with your life and who you wanna be with. Your circle of friends starts to become smaller, you're social interaction becomes shorter, your hours are spent more on the few people that really matter to you. It may be a sign of growing up. You no longer have the desire to please anybody, to show off, to be in, to be accepted because you are already at ease of what you are and you're sure that your family and true friends will accept you and will be there for you no matter what.

A lot of people get pressured when they reach 25. They say it's the right time to get married and have kids. That's why others get fucked up because they seem to be living with a time bomb above their head. You make mistakes when you hurry. And when you do, you get frustrated and feel that life is over for you. Maybe that's why there's what they call a "quarter-life crisis". I don't believe in it. It is just an excuse of 25 year olds to get away with the pressure of what an early adult must have, a stable career, a strong relationship, a healthy savings, etc. When they commit mistakes, when they feel frustrated, when they wanna get away with responsibilities, they blame it on their age. When I was 25, I was busy burning my ass off to pass the training. When I was 26, I was busy studying for my licensure. And now, I am busy redecorating my hive and planning of binge-watching. I didn't have any big-time moment of breakdown. I don't know. It could be me being lucky or I just don't give a fuck.