October 06, 2011

Here's the feeling that keeps coming back. Great!

Yeah, it's sarcasm.

I dreamed of him a lot of times before but I haven't really taken those dreams seriously. Until now that I've really taken the time to think about him. And my heart convinces my sane mind that I've been missing him all this time. That's sh*t, I know. And I started daydreaming...weaving stories of us being friends again...and him falling for me all over again...and me taking my chance of revenge...of them breaking apart...of him choosing me over her...of...STOP! I don't wanna be that stupid girl once more. I don't wanna feel this butterfly feeling. Please. Oh, please!

And fate has its own freaking timing. That other man just changed his status into "in a relationship" and that's it! It's enough! Drag me to hell. =(


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