February 27, 2011

Of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, and the Auditions...

12:50 PM 2/25/2011

This blog was supposed to be posted yesterday but due to some circumstances (which honestly was because
my broadband has reached its limit of 800mbps due to watching the video clips of The American Idol Season 10), it was just posted today. (at nag-explain?)

I am an avid fan of the show, one is because its American (yeah, talk about crab mentality - *oh, it made me crave for crabs*); another is because I love to listen to the way the contestants talk and sing; another thing is I also love singing; and YES...

It's because of Ryan Seacrest. I don't know a lot about the man (since I'm not that updated with Hollywood gossips and all that. Mind you, we don't have a cable connection at home), but well, Ryan lives up to the image of a real American guy. He's sexy, adorable and a gentleman (at AI). He's just so American, swak na swak.

And by the way, I miss hearing Simon Cowell's frank, harsh but funny comments and his accent. I just hope Steven Tyler's gonna make his own style to make AI as interesting as it was before because of Simon. And how I love JLo being on the show. The woman's simply stunning and so kind. Randy Jackson, well yeah, he's cool.

I was watching those 'Memorable Audition' clips of AI at around 2:30 in the morning and I've been laughing and crying at the same time. There are a lot of crazy Americans showing off their what they call 'Talents' and ended up looking like a fool during the auditions and I was thinking, 'Are there really a lot of psychopaths in the USA?'

I was moved by Chris Medina (who sang 'Break Even' by The Script) because of his love story. His love was admirable, something that you can really say as 'the love of a real man'. The guy was actually engaged for 2 years with his girlfriend of 8years. They were supposed to get married, and he had even made vows two months prior, when his girlfriend met an accident that leave her wheelchair-ridden and her once beautiful face distorted. Yet, there was Chris, in front of the camera, telling millions of viewers all over the world, how much he still loves his girlfriend. What struck me most was when he said that, "I told her the vows of through sickness and in health, through thick and thin...What kind of man would I be if I leave her like that". Talk about a man who has dignity and honor. You're the man, Chris!

And finally, there's the black female contestant that really stayed on my mind. I forgot what her name was (last name was Lovle). I also forgot where she come from but she has an accent. My heart goes out to this lady. She was there in front, singing somewhat out of tune, and so the judges say NO to her. And she said that she can still improve her accent if that was the problem. And it was so hard for JLo to explain that it's not with the accent that made them say no but the singing itself. And what made it worse was that when she walked out the door and went to meet Ryan, there's nobody there to meet and support her. It was so awful when Ryan asked her if she's okay and all she said was 'Okay' and walked away without meeting his eye. I was imagining how humiliated she might have felt during that time. And who knows she's still crying about it until now. ;(



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