February 27, 2011

Mood Swings 101

I'm not in the mood right now so all I'm gonna write about are mostly negative things. I don't really know what causes this but part of it is because I'm just simply irritated by someone's selfishness. And I don't have any plans of mentioning who that someone might be. It's just so irritating to think that some people just think of themselves; those people who just care for you just because they're obliged to do so and not because they really sincerely do.

Another thing that irritates me right now is other people's airiness -that is, mga hanginon. It's just sometimes so annoying for people to brag something about themselves, and you, well, you keep on thinking of reasons and ways just so you can accept that "fact" that they've said about themselves. Well, it's okay to brag but not too much, and as log as you can prove it and that you're worthy of that praise you give yourself. It's actually better to keep quiet or just be humble and have other people discover for themselves those things that you have that are worth bragging for than let yourself boast something that you have that others find it hard to believe.

This is just me and my mood swings. -.-


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