March 05, 2017

A Letter to Imee

Hi imee,

God thinks you're awesome. You're loving. You love and care about your family a lot that's why you have become responsible. You work so hard so you can give enough allowances to your brothers. Most of your friends want you to be their bridesmaid and that's saying something. You are talented. You sing well, you play the keyboard quite well, you're good at calligraphy and you have a knack in photography. You want to know more about your work. You have become more patient than you were before. You are a good furparent. You are a loyal girlfriend. You have everything: a loving and supportive family, a sexy and an amazing boyfriend, hardworking brothers, an awesome job, a beautiful room and a fluffy and beautiful cat. You have a lot to forward to. Most of all, God loves you and believes in you. You are amazing, Imee. Continue to shine. 😊

Imee 😊


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