June 12, 2016


I arrived home wet from the rain for having to ride my bike from work. It's not that I have to, you know. Riding my bike just gives me this cute illusion of being in London, or Paris, or Tokyo. Haha. Not to mention that I can save P60 for not having to commute. And that's actually my only exercise, if you can consider that one. Today's the second time that I completed my home-office-home route scratch-free. For me, it's a big accomplishment knowing how busy the streets are, how nervous I am whenever I'm at it, and how clumsy I am.

Since I was able to spare a few monies today, and since there wasn't any food left, I decided to buy a cheap pizza, a coke and a couple of beers. Call it cheat day. My boyfriend's gonna drop by before he goes to work so we need some foodies while watching a movie later. Sweet life!

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