June 10, 2016

Cancel Hiatus

I'm back. Wordpress was actually a lot better but I can't let this blog go, despite the export feature. I've put a lot of efforts into this years ago and I just can't let it go now.

I'm back. Not that I have much to say though. I'm no longer in the mood to talk much about what has happened or what is happening lately. I've been to busy with things to come up with a sensible blog. My mind's been full of thoughts but I can't seem to put words into them to give them justice. And yes, I'm lazy to type.

I'm back. Same as before, my first few paragraphs are just like a senseless stream of words trying to explain something and of which needs a reply as short as 'Okay'.

Anyway, I'm back. For the benefit of reviving this blog. And I'm trying to empty my brain from not-so-important things so I can concentrate on more pressing matters at hand, firstly, my upcoming check-out. I need to study like hell. My dryruns are just as bad as my study habits. My coffee dosage is doubled now but my sleeping hours are just the same, in fact they're getting longer. Haha. Too much excuses, I'm just actually lazy.

I now have a cat by the way. His name's Moki. He's Persian, and loves to bite and sleep on his back with his legs wide open. He's just one of the countless gifts my boyfriend gave me. Lucky me.

No, I don't wanna go into a lot of details about my awesome boyfriend and my awesome relationship because the Internet is getting creepier and nosy-er. I wanna keep it and us private because what we have is something special. It's not for public consumption and definitely not for entertainment. The Internet has loads of information already that everyone can pass up to become a private investigator. People love to talk about themselves all the time, eh? And they're actually so passionate about what they believe in that sometimes it becomes funny. I could go on and on about it. Some other time maybe.

Just like that, I'm saying bye!

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