August 03, 2015


People these days often judge your relationship status based on what you post on social media. The sweet captions, the happy profile pictures, those are what they believe to be indicators that, well, they are in love. But love, when you think about it, is not just how showy people can be, or how sweet their words are, or how they show other people how much they enjoy each other's company. Sometimes, love is seen in the most subtle way, on how he cares for you, how he values you, how he respects you, how he treats you, how he sees you, how he sees your future together. I guess those kinds of love are what others can't really see right away. Those are the kinds of love that don't really care whether people will swoon over it and get the most likes when posted. Because those are the kind of love that come from the heart, seen from the heart, received through the heart, just basic, nude, and pure, and that is something that people on social media can't read nor understand.

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