September 15, 2013


Good morning my dear,

I woke up at 2 am today. I only slept for roughly four hours since my last duty last night. I guess my body clock's still trying to adjust to this normal sleeping pattern. So all I did today was to transfer photos of my friends to my phone. Wala lang, I guess I just wanna stare at them whenever I miss them.

The moment I stepped into that plane, I know that life will never be as it was. I can no longer be with the people I used to laugh and have fun with. I guess it was the same when I was handed my diploma. You say goodbye, say promises to still see each other in the next few years. You exchange text messages, IMs on Facebook, planned meetups, but you can no longer have that same bonding you used to have before.

You get to meet new people everyday in your life but they will just pass. They will just be a part of your past and the only thing they can leave you are memories. Life teaches us how to say goodbye, let go and move on in the most bittersweet way.

I am slowly packing things up. I'm scared, scared as hell. Remember when I told you that I am afraid of changes, that I love being on the safe side. You know, sometimes I wish to just go back to being a kid, that moment when I was in bed with my brothers, singing together while raining, while our parents were watching TV in the living room. That's what always comes to mind whenever a big change is going to happen in my life.

But you know what, I've never been this excited in my entire life. I used to wonder what I will do in the next few years. For all we knew, I've been working so hard but I never really had a fixed plan in mind. But the future now looks good, actually it's better, a perfect view. And you know that I would do everything to make that a reality.



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