June 26, 2013

Photoblog on FB!

Yay! I'm so excited uploading lots of my photo edits on my FB page. It used to be a lonesome page that just had links of what I posted here on my blog, and I wasn't even updating it! But now, thanks to my boredom, it lead me to start posting photos of what my scratch papers were really like.

As of now, I have two albums:
 (just click on the album name to view the entire FB album page)

Art is what I make it.

I know this title sucks but I can't think of a better one. Anyway, this one features everything that I've written on my blogbook:
I bought this from Artwork two years ago to satisfy my craving on "creative vandalism". As you know, I have this tendency to write on just about any surface I could lay my hands on (which also inspired my blog title). But nothing to worry about, my creativity depends on the quality of the paper I'm writing on so I'm taking this one a lil bit seriously. :p
Here are some of the photos:

I don't take photos. I make them.

Have you noticed how the photographers' family goes bigger and bigger each day? One reason why a lot of people are becoming "photographers" and "models" is because of Facebook. Yeah, it seems that photography is becoming everybody's passion. But as they say, it takes more than just an expensive lens hanging around your neck to become a real photographer.
Anyway, this album will showcase the photos that I took that I really like. What I love more than taking pictures is editing them. I love to play around with effects and colors. I also want to enhance the photos first before uploading them since my camera has low resolution.

So these are my recent album posts. I still have a lot to upload and that will keep my page busy in the next few days months! :)


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