March 20, 2013

A Letter from Kuya DingDong

This was what made my day:

Hi Imelee,

Kumusta na ka? I hope you're doing well. I saw your blog. Haven't read everything but I like it and I;m very impressed. But I know that your are good, well very good and intelligent so I'm not surprised - just fascinated. I guess we have lots of things in common. I wanted to write too but I'm not that good with words and it takes time for me to come up with something presentable. Though you said the same thing but I believe you're way more faster than me. I am sure!

I wanted to be a fan of your blog but there's an error. Maybe some other time I'll visit your blog again, perhaps it will be working by then.

I wanted to have a blog too. In fact I have started at least three separate accounts but never got to writing and posting stories on them. Well I only posted at least two and that's it.

KUng naa na ko blog na pod, be my fan please. At least naa ko bisag isa lang ka audience.

Till next time and take care.

Kuya Dong

Kuya Dong's my cousin, a world class Fine artist (without bias and exaggerations). He's an epitome of a real Fuentes talent.

We've only met twice, one when I was still a baby and when I was 20 yrs old (in Cebu), so I was giddy when I read this letter. This letter just means a lot to me, knowing that someone I look up to has taken the time to write something like this. This has inspired me to write better and more sensible (hehe). Thanks Kuya. I'm sorry if I have to broadcast your message. I am just happy. This deserves a spot in my humble blog. :)


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