April 14, 2012

Take that off and go green.

Ako si Leah :p
Goodbyes, goodbyes, goodbyes...(I can't think of any opening spiel...haha!) Goodbyes aren't always that hard. Sometimes goodbyes can be a welcoming experience especially when you feel that the place that you're currently on is now letting you feel of not needing you. No, this ain't a big thing. I just want to document this important transition in my life. I just turned from blue to green officially today. I used to be very proud wearing my blue ID sling because I belonged to the biggest account in our company. But time flies so fast and technology improves so great that we, the ever hardworking, patient and helpful technicians, are no longer needed by our super intelligent customers; and we have to get our lifeboat, save our souls, and let go of Titanic before it totally sinks. When I learned about my transfer, I have to admit that I was excited. The timing was just so right because the era of hating-the-alarm-clock revolution has already started. I used to get so excited going to work, not because I love my work that much, but because I loved the people I work with. I was always looking forward for each chika moments even if we were bombarded with calls. And that feeling had lasted for almost two years. I was always tempted to copy someone else's resignation letter but God always gave me moments with these people that told me to hold on. And so I did. But these past few weeks, I don't know. I just don't know. Needless to say, I am happy with my 21 months with the blue team (syet, dugaya na diay ui). Blue days are over. It's time for me to think green. Fingers crossed for my new account. With that, I warmly welcome myself. *tapping myself on the back *standing ovation for myself *shake hands myself =p


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