January 02, 2012

The best is yet to come!

Happy new year folks!

It's been so long since the last time that I posted something nonsense here. Never had any chance or inspiration (in short tinatamad lng tlaga) to write about. Not since my bff Aze inspired me to change my layout into something that can be AdSense-able =p and, of course, I have to write something na.

Writing this blog makes me reflect and look back on a very fruitful year 2011. I've had loads and loads of memories that even my Facebook Timeline can't load them all. Lemme see if I can sum them up all here:

☺ January - just had the best team bldg of my life with my one and only Blaze family at Lake Agco. That one's special to me because I shared those days with the best people I've worked with.

☺ February - nah! still loveless...yet I've got a chance to have this fling2x with my friend's common friend. wag na mag name names. suya to, wlang outcome.lol
☺ March - June - see? ganyan ako kababa ng memory...pentium 1, hard disc's corrupted.
☺ July - new team, new mates, this is the birth of Cadillac (I guess, note: short-term memory), and a new me daw. I became a performer in an instant, treated as an asset of the team especially in Supportrix, and I don't even know why I became so magaling na (char!)

☺ August - I bought a cake from Red Ribbon for myself during my birthday (and greeted myself on it, harhar).
☺ September - November - EXCELLENT KPI! Well, almost, if I didn't have four lates in September. This one's maybe the highlight of my 2011. Who would have thought that a bottom performer like me will reach the top and ended up winning that honor of being a top agent of our OM group and getting that gift which I have't received yet? Isn't that ridicu..oppps...amazing!

☺ December - got the privilege of having a holiday off so I was able to spend the New Year's eve with my family. And for the first time won in a raffle, a GC worth P1,000 from SM while I was on my rest day. Forfeited tuloy. Malas ko tlaga sa mga raffle.

My 2011 is about my work achievement, I can say. Family and friendship? Those are like my stocked wines, habang tumatagal lalong sumasarap.

These blessings just keep on pouring. I can't thank Him that much. But I know 2012 will be better and happier. I know. I can feel it. The best is yet to come. =)


  1. ..the best is yet to come..
    which do you prefer, "the WHO" or "the WHAT".?.. hehehehe...